What can I do if there is a possibility of tank leakage?
MassTech® precision integrity testing can be used to verify if there is underground tank leakage. MassTech® precision integrity testing establishes clear cut product leaking criteria for Tank and Pipeline testing. No product evacuation is needed for testing and no Confined space / sludge cleaning work. Detailed Report from UK laboratory will be issued and USEPA compliance.
What can I do if the oil product in the storage tank is contaminated?
Fuel polishing can be used to filter the contaminated oil product inside the storage tank. By applying bi-directional circulations and 9 layers of precise filtering to conduct fuel dialysis, water and the sediments on the bottom of the storage tank are filtered out.
What can I do if there is tank leakage?
Tank lining can be used to recover the integrity of the storage tank. Lining can be applied on all tank interior walls with 100% assurance on tank integrity. The lining material is 100% solid base chemical which exceeds normal protective coating standard requirements. Tank lining is a cost effective and efficient solution compared with the replacement of storage tank.